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Thread: Do you use your iPad in Japan?

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    One of my teachers told me 3rd grade students couldn't use powerpoint so she had them print off tiny black and white pictures to make their presentations. Less than a month later she was in charge of first grade students making presentations for their australia trip and all of them could use it. Abacus probably sounds nice and comfy to her.

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    Hey, all it takes is a few teachers to show how useful the technology can be in the class room to slowly change minds. I mean, I JUST left a class where 40 kids downloaded m4a files for their summer homework book. They have this on CD, but I know that none of them use it. However, on their phone it's now technology they are familiar with (and is natural to them, more so than a CD) so they actually will do it and do the listening.

    This has been a very positive example to the rest of the school that student technology CAN BE safe in the classroom when used correctly. Sure there are still concerns about people having tech (yay poverty), or bullying (what a load of horse shit to be worried about), but for th emost part it can be pretty productive.

    That being said, I can't wait for when I start bringing in my MacBook Pro to replace this useless work computer. Yet again, I'll connect it up to the school network (without their permission), and they'll wince but give up cuz they know if I got it on the network, they really can't keep me off it :P
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