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Thread: "Upgrades" to CIR?

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    Default "Upgrades" to CIR?

    Has anyone heard of ALTs in Japan taking CIR positions? I've heard that's a common occurrence, and that there are less CIR positions because of it.
    Not gonna lie, might apply as an ALT this year if that's the case...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AyaReiko View Post
    Has anyone heard of ALTs in Japan taking CIR positions? I've heard that's a common occurrence, and that there are less CIR positions because of it.
    Not gonna lie, might apply as an ALT this year if that's the case...
    I don't think it's nearly common enough to be gambling like that. It also depends on the coming and going of the people around you. I wouldn't apply to be an ALT unless you think you can be happy as an ALT.
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    Default Re: "Upgrades" to CIR?

    I do know of two positions that switched from being ALT to CIR a few years ago. I don't know if the ALT at the time started/took over as the first CIR - it happened before I came over. I also know of two ALT positions that don't actually do any teaching - they're more like consultant/organizational positions that double as specialized PAs.

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    I can think of three people off the top of my head who switched to CIR in my prefecture, but it's really not that common. It happens more in my prefecture than other places because we have so many JETs.

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    Default Re: "Upgrades" to CIR?

    It's a TOTAL crap shoot. You need the following things to occur:
    a) your contract to come up on it's 3 year term
    b) your contracting organization is a 3 year only
    c) there is a cir opening in your prefecture

    The same thing is generally also applicable for the PA positions in a prefecture as well (though those can often be at the two year mark as well)

    If you apply to be an ALT, expect to be doing that.
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    Default Re: "Upgrades" to CIR?

    I met a guy who did it, but yeah, it's not something to plan for.
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    Default Re: "Upgrades" to CIR?

    Hmm, ok, thanks for your opinions and knowledge. I actually think my odds are better doing that than applying as a CIR, since Canada sends so few of them every year!
    I suppose I still have 2-3 months to think about it though.

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    Default Re: "Upgrades" to CIR?

    Just apply as a CIR but check -yes- to accepting an ALT position. If you do that and aren't granted a position, you wouldn't have gotten either one anyway.
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    Default Re: "Upgrades" to CIR?

    Hm, I see. I guess that doesn't bode well for me, but I'm still going to try again this year.

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    Default Re: "Upgrades" to CIR?

    It does happen, but applying for a ALT position purely in the hope of being able to switch to CIR is a bad idea. These kind of "switch" positions are only open in a few prefectures, and you have to be an ALT in that prefecture. And even in those prefectures where it does happen, it won't be every year that those positions are open. And you probably won't be the only ALT applying for it...

    Basically, it's possible but very likely to end in disappointment. If you want to be a CIR, applying to be a CIR from the get go is by far the better option

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    Default Re: "Upgrades" to CIR?

    Oh, of course I realize all that. It'll just be a question of figuring out (in the simplest terms possible) if I want to "go to Japan as a CIR" or just "go to Japan". Since there are so few CIR positions in Canada (5 in 2014, 6 in 2015, according to the stats), if my goal is only to "be in Japan", then I might as well apply as an ALT and have more chances. I was just told that one of the reasons so few Canadians CIRs go every year is that current ALTs take those positions. I'm actually surprised that so many of you guys have heard about at least one person doing it!

    That's why I say I still have a few months to think about it. I also realize that the answer to that question will NOT be found on this forum and that the solution to getting off the CIR alternate list is probably getting better at a bunch of things, haha.

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