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Thread: Tap a talk performance slow?

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    Default Tap a talk performance slow?

    So I've noticed this for a while now but never thought about it. The sites tap stalk performance is terrible.

    I just tried loading a refresh from tapatalk, and it was taking forever. I managed to switch over to safari and log in manually in less time than it took for tapatalk to populate the app

    Is this a tapatalk app problem or server tapatalk plugin problem?
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    Default Re: Tap a talk performance slow?

    Pretty sure it's related to ITIL, as I tried searching for other forums and they load up a lot quicker.

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    Default Re: Tap a talk performance slow?

    I stopped using it a long time ago. Safari does a pretty reasonable job of browsing.
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    Default Re: Tap a talk performance slow?

    Yep, it often takes 30+ seconds to load a page.

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    Default Re: Tap a talk performance slow?

    It's real bad.
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    Default Re: Tap a talk performance slow?

    I have noticed this too, and upon clearing Tapatalk's cache on my phone, it works quick again.

    Anyway, Tapatalk needs updated in the very near future - its been a while. It may help.

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    Default Re: Tap a talk performance slow?

    Tapatalk has been updated and initial speeds look much faster.

    Also, by navigating to the site in a mobile browser, you will no longer get the full page Tapatalk notice. They removed that in this release.
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