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    Anybody have any experience using "Pay-easy" through either a bank or yuubin ATM? I know you can pay taxes with the slip they give you - but can you use your 3rd party cash-card to pay or do you have to use cash?

    Gotta pay those taxes and my local bank doesn't offer it at the ATM...

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    I did it at my bank ATM. It just had me stick my cash card in and I followed the instructions on the paper and that was it. It took straight from my account. Wasn't for taxes, but I'd imagine it should work the same way.

    Edit: Skimmed over the 3rd party bit... I paid with my bank's cash card, but IIRC it accepted any. Could be wrong. Sorry!
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    Forgot about this. I paid my local tax bill in cash instead - turns out I could just go to the yakuba and pay it at the cashier's window. But I found out some info about it and my bank. My bank (a local/regional) doesn't offer it - and my bank doesn't allow transfers at non-bank ATMs, so you can't even use your bank cash-card at a 3rd party ATM that allows it. You can do Pay-easy at yuubin ATMs... for the most part. There are limits - over 10man can't be done in cash and over 30man (I guess if you're paying for airfare or a morgage?) can't be done at the ATM.

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