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Thread: FBI Background Check = Livescan?

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    Default FBI Background Check = Livescan?

    Just curious if these are the same thing. I'm going to try and find a local company to process the check, but the FBI website is not very good for finding local places to process the form.

    That said, if anyone can recommend a processing location near Los Angeles I'd appreciate it.

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    Livescan is the tech used to digitally capture and compare fingerprints. You'll have to go get a set of prints done/printed there, and then submit them to the FBI with your background check application. The "instant" background check is just checking your prints against the database of fingerprints on file.

    Here's a list of livescan/fingerprinting locations in CA. (Sorted by City after the "recommended" section.)

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    I see, thanks for the clarification!

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