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Thread: Do corrected errors ruin chances?

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    Default Do corrected errors ruin chances?

    I have no one to blame but myself, but I sent a copy of my official transcript in my packet instead of the original. I received a message alerting me about this and I've already sent out the correct document via FedEx overnight, but I'm really wondering if I should realistically expect to go on to the interview portion now that I'm in the "Failure to Follow Instructions" category.

    Anyone know for sure how much something like this can affect chances?

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    Mistakes happen - they notified you to send the correct one in and you have, so I doubt they would have you waste your time to be disqualified over a mistake easily fixed.

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    Default Re: Do corrected errors ruin chances?

    Don't worry about it.
    My friend wrote her birthday on the app as the same date she sent it off. They never contacted her about it, she got an interview, and was waitlisted (soon after upgraded).

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