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Thread: Good southeast Asian airlines?

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    Quote Originally Posted by weepinbell View Post
    Probably what I'll end up doing. I'm gonna lay low for a little while and see what I can on the major airlines find before buying. Am I looking at the wrong Cathay Pacific? A roundtrip Osaka-Bangkok is 43man for economy... that's more than a little extra lol.
    Yeah, that's a bit high. I'm not sure what dates you're looking for but I just went on Thai Airways and for Golden Week, they have a roundtrip early escape saver advantage fare, KIX-Bangkok (non-stop) for 94,840 yen.

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    Yep it's for golden week. Looks like that's the normal fair though because I looked at other dates and that's the only price-point I saw- and that's with 1 stop, too. Basically all of their other routes are really decently priced though. Weird!

    Found some decent prices on United/ANA, like 7man. I'll look into Thai Airways too, roundtrip is always a plus. Thanks for the suggestions!

    edit - just out of curiosity, I looked up a roundtrip flight from US-Bangkok on Cathay at the same trip time and it's like 2000USD cheaper... and Tokyo-Bangkok is the same as KIX-Bangkok... what the hell going on with the Japan-Bangkok route? That is seriously bizarre. Really wish this airline were an option, legit every other deal besides Japan-Bangkok is great.
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    Why don't you just go to a travel agent and say "what's the cheapest return ticket to Bangkok on these dates"?
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