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    Ya, and I left out that I love thin eyed men.
    You just like to be the best hung in the bedroom.
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    But what if we reverse the polarity of the quantum string theory? According to uncertainty principle there are infinite worlds out there, so it stands to reason schrodinger's cat is alive in one of them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Apollo87;
    U da real mvp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uthinkimlost? View Post
    You just like to be the best hung in the bedroom.
    Now that was in my personal statement.

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    Something about Mary quiff

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyKing View Post
    I developed an interest 2yrs ago (@20yrs old) because I was volunteering with my local international organization. We put on an annual folk fair and I was in charge of keeping a couple of departments in line and overseeing their work and the Japan dept was one of my responsibilities for those 2 yrs. I never gave Japan a second thought before that but working with people from Japan and helping to organize events for american children to understand their culture is what made me interested in Japan.
    I think if you get the chance to drop something like that during your interview, then go for it. You'll be fine.
    Of course, this is coming from someone who hasn't interviewed at all yet, but that was genuine, brief, and showcased both your experience and interest in Japan.

    I'll come out with it and say I LIKE anime, but it has been a recurring means of entertainment for me and nothing else. I'm also pretty jaded with TV shows in general, and the Land Of The Rising Sun has produced its fair share of crap. There's no way I would think this knowledge would help me out in a job interview (unless I was specifically asked about it, of course). And as far as the Japanese language is concerned, again I like it, but I expect to struggle through the Japanese portion of the interview if there is one. From what I hear, these people are more interested in your strengths and experience as a person than any lack of knowledge.

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