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    I know the topic of contraception has been done to death, but I'm having trouble finding specific information. Most questions concern bringing birth control with you, but I'm already in Japan and trying to figure out how to get it here to me.
    I do not want to put up with the hassle of taking a day off to see a doctor, having consultations, tests and then paying money for something I can get easily back in the UK.
    I ordered my preferred brand and had it sent back to my mum's house. Back in the UK I always got my contraception from the Family Planning Clinic not a doctor so I never had any sort of prescription for it.
    I was hoping to have my mum send them to me.
    Some sites state that as long as it's only a month's supply you don't need any additional paperwork, but then some add that you need a prescription sent with it and some say that a Yakkan Shoumei is necessary.

    Basically, will there be a hassle if I have my mum post me a month's supply of my birth control without a prescription from a doctor?
    Any suggestions?

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    Hi! So, when I came last year I asked my doctor for a years worth of BC prescriptions and brought them all over with me on the yakkan shoumei, but have had medication sent to me by my parents multiple times. I believe it's up to 2 months worth allowed (though I could be wrong) you can bring into the country without certification. Small amounts aren't even detected and larger amounts of medication i've had opened by customs but then forwarded on to me without an issue. Always better to be on the safe side of course and not send too much at once but I think a months worth should be no problem.

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    You can have one month's worth of a prescribed item sent in the post. The two months' allowance is for OTC meds.

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    I have mine sent in the post every month. Just make sure your mum fills out the customs label correctly. Touch wood I've never had any problems and it's been a year and a half now.

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