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Thread: Bank with the best savings account?

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    Default Bank with the best savings account?

    Hi guys, i'm looking to open a savings account in addition to my general use streamline one but am disappointed to find most accounts have zero interest. Does anyone know of higher interest accounts on offer? Preferably with low fees and internet banking available

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    I use Capital One 360 banking (online only) alongside my brick-and-mortar regional bank in my home State.
    The 360 account gives a minuscule amount of interest to both checking and any savings account attached, but it's something. I can do free bank transfers online and move money between accounts without issue (between U.S. banks only).
    Cap.360 also will eat some atm/foreign transaction fees too.

    EDIT: They also do not charge any fees (annual or management account fees).
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    Look for a credit union. If you have any kind of military ties (even through parents or grandparents), you can probably get an account with a really kick-arse one. I have accounts with USAA and Navy Federal, both of which have some of the best interest-bearing savings accounts available in the industry.
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