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Thread: How are Interac Osaka schools?

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    Default How are Interac Osaka schools?

    Hello. Thinking about transferring within Interac to Osaka, but I've heard schools in the prefecture can be pretty tough (for Japanese standards.) Anyone have any experience or know someone with experience at schools in the areas Interac works in? Or with the Osaka branch office?

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    Most of them are with elementary/middle schools in Sakai. Can't speak from experience but I haven't heard anything too bad about it. I think like 90% of schools in the actual city are privately contracted, but Interac helps set them up - if you can I'd look into that, I saw a posting on Gaijinpot awhile ago. Osaka's kind of a toss-up in general though. A lot of JETs even have 'problem' schools (low income and/or violence issues). It's got some super well-off areas, too, though.

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