The new school year is around the corner, so I just thought I mention that Eigo Ganbare is 'Back To School' Ready, April 2016!!

Some new features can be found. For example, newly and updated elementary school lesson plans, after school English lessons, and so on. They’re bilingual!! Included are 100+ printable Oxford e-books with audio for JHS students. It has recently been approved/white listed on Puffin Educational Portal (similar to Rover) for a safe web browsing experience for teachers and students. I also suggest checking out other sites like Englipeda, English WebBook, and the list goes on. All has their own flavor.

As for the revised junior high school lessons and the Japanese translation of Eigo Ganbare, those will have to wait until another school year has passed. Please be patient.

Eigo Ganbare | Teaching website for JTEs and ALTs .
(For public schools use ONLY)

Thank you!