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Thread: Five years since 3/11

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    Default Five years since 3/11

    Hey folks, just curious.

    What, if anything, is your school doing for 3.11 today? Moment of silence at 1446? School assembly with a disaster safety lecture or a presentation on an affected area?

    If you want, include the rough geographic area or prefecture - I kinda want to know what schools will do for 3.11 in western Japan.

    My school is having a morning assembly and disaster safety lecture followed by a presentation about disaster recovery efforts affecting the town. Tomorrow is graduation, so they'll all leaving school around 2:30 today. The staff is having a meeting/announcement for a the moment of silence at 2:45.

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    Default Re: Five years since 3/11

    Nothing as far as I know. All students are out on a career fair field trip. Kyushu.
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    Default Re: Five years since 3/11

    Staff standing around for silence, students aren't here.
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    Default Re: Five years since 3/11

    I'm not sure the exact details since I'm absent today, but if it's anything like previous years we'll have an assembly in the gym in the afternoon where students sing a song about togetherness and moving on from the disaster (it was the winning song that came out of a competition post 3/11, I believe it was written by JHS kids). Then at 2:46pm there's a moment of silence.

    Last year there was also a brief film that contained messages of thankfulness and hope from kids in Kobe, who formed a committee to cheer up Tohoku kids since we share earthquake disaster kizuna.
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    Default Re: Five years since 3/11

    We had graduation today and no one even mentioned it. Perhaps they'll say something later.

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    Default Re: Five years since 3/11

    We had a minute of silence.
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    Default Re: Five years since 3/11

    We had grad prep today and no one mentioned it. The VP called everyone into the staffroom at like 2:40 so I thought for sure we'd do a moment of silence, but it was just a morning meeting part 2. Really surprised. The siren in our town went off at 2:46 though. Cool that some schools have safety events and stuff in its honor.

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    Default Re: Five years since 3/11

    Looks like this ̺Ҥ5ǯޱǤ뤳ȡ - Yahoo! JAPAN is happening again
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    Default Re: Five years since 3/11

    We had a minute of silence.
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    Default Re: Five years since 3/11

    Me too. I arrived 4 months before the quake, took a break from work and started work in March, then the quake happened and my company (exports) shut down and I had broke my leg in the quake.

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    Default Re: Five years since 3/11

    A month late but my school had graduation on the day so the day before we ate cold packet curry that is supposed to keep for years in the event of a disaster. Something to keep the events on the memories of my kids.

    It was alright. Just the sensation of cold curry is not enjoyable, tasty though.

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