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    Hi guys,

    Does anyone know any good activities that relate to Sunshine 1?

    I've got two teachers who basically say I'm not needed in class unless I come with activities, but didn't get any more specific. I would assume it would relate to Sunshine 1, but maybe not, I'll confirm that with them. This is my third week on the job, and I have no prior teaching experience, so I'm at a bit of a loss.

    Assuming it's not related to S1, I've been looking into some games, but not sure how well they'll go down with the teachers (one's a bit of a buzz kill..)... The good thing is, the first years are energetic and willing to get involved (for the most part) so I'm pretty sure they'll be fine with anything.

    If it is related, I have no clue. In my other classes, the JTEs get me to just review and ask some questions from the previous lesson or we'll have a conversation about the upcoming content and make our own examples. (But Mr Buzzkill isn't down for team teaching so I doubt I can get him on board for that...)

    Any ideas are welcome! Thank you!

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    Welcome to Japan...

    I don't use Sunshine, but all the textbooks basically cover the same grammar points. If you can find out where the kids are in the textbook, that would help.
    Have you visited Englipedia?

    Some teachers are just not down to team teach and there's really nothing you can do about it. If your teachers are willing to at least tell you in advance what the kids are studying, you can make/steal a worksheet/game/activity related to that grammar point.

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    At my work place, I'm using the New Horizon, but I think the textbooks all generally cover the same grammatical points. I wonder why your teachers would tell you aren't needed in class unless you come up with activities. Is it just only activities?? What about the "teaching" too? Because, in my opinion, we should also do some teaching and be taken serious in that area. Maybe in 80's, activities are fine because Japan can afford those extra free time and so on, but now that has changed. Anyhow, Englipedia has some activities and I have a teaching website, called Eigo Ganbare (Eigo Ganbare | Teaching website for JTEs, HRTs, and ALTs), that you can take a look at. It has lots of resources, even a link to Eigo Planet with the latest activities. Hope that helps.

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