I will be applying to JET (and other programs) later this year, and have some questions regarding getting an apartment. I know that there's a possibility that I won't be accepted (I probably won't be), and I know that, if (by some miracle) I am, they will provide information about getting an apartment at that time. I'm one of those people, though, who prefer to have the information as soon as possible so that I can make plans (and backup plans, and backup-backup plans...). I know it sounds silly to most people, and I also know that it's difficult to plan for every eventuality, but I still feel better knowing that I at least have several options already planned out, just in case.

So, I was wondering if anyone on this forum could or would answer any or all of the following questions regarding getting an apartment and paying rent:

1. Other than key money, a deposit, and the initial (or possibly several months') rent, is it common for there to be any other fees/charges?
2. How is approval determined (job, income, credit score, guarantor, etc)? If my husband comes with me, will he need to fill out an application / be on the application, and will they need the same information from him? If he will not be coming initially, but will be moving over later, does he need to be on the initial application?
3. If I'm able to find a place that allows pets, will I have to pay a monthly pet rent as well as an additional deposit, or just an additional deposit? I know that every place can be different regarding this; what I am asking is if either is more common than the other.
4. Will I be able to pay rent through an automatic debit, or will I have to pay it in cash? If I can pay it through automatic debit, will it have to be from my Japanese bank account, or will I be able to do it with another bank account or a credit card?
5. How much is the average cost of getting the utilities turned on, and how much is the average cost per month? I am including Internet service in this category.
6. Only tangentially related: will I be able to use my current cellphone in Japan (not my plan/carrier, but the phone itself with a Japanese carrier), or will I need to get a new phone?

I apologize if these questions were answered elsewhere, if they're stupid, or if this isn't the correct forum.

Thanks in advance to everyone who responded with answers and/or advice. It's much appreciated.