I am an Assistant Language Teacher in Japan with a contracted teacher who in good in English (some what stutters) and Japanese at an public Elementary school with 2 Year 5 and 2 Year 6. (Also 1 Year 4 which I with the home room teacher who is good- not bad English) For last lesson (plus general communication) we did ES_HiFriends_Game_FirstPhonicsLesson ES_HiFriends_Game_FirstPhonicsLesson
for the Year 6 and some preparation for ES_HiFriends_Game_GreetingsFromMyCountry ES_HiFriends_Game_GreetingsFromMyCountry
and these lesson went fine with us still working how to work together. The Home Room teacher have limited English and aren't involved much.
The students were capable of doing the content and class involvement had a bit of struggle but OK to great depending on the class.

We don't have to follow Hi Friends (until the friendly teachers make some request) and the school has no AV equipment or whiteboards and highly restricted colour printing but the school does have a good wealth of flash cards, he has resources (he owns a juku) and I have a lot of children's books. I don't have experience with elementary schools but with small groups of similar ages and high schools.

I am intend to follow some content from Englipedia but what would you do- which games/activities would you choose? Please help. I just need some ideas.
Its hard to get the other teacher to give his creative input but he is good with responses and school coordination.