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Thread: Shortlisted, but have some paperwork questions

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    Default Shortlisted, but have some paperwork questions

    Hello, everyone! I'm new to the forum. Not sure if there's supposed to be an "introduction section" to the forum or not, but here I am.

    Anyway, I recently got my short-list confirmation email, and have been working through all the required paperwork. I have most of it well in hand, but there's a few documents in which I've hit a bit of a roadblock. I was wondering: is there anyone that could help me to straighten them out?

    1. The accident insurance form:

    This form is very simple; there's only one problem... I don't know how to find out my "JET number". I've checked my emails from the JET Program as well as the application portal, but there's no sign of any number there that I can see. I've also emailed my coordinator about it, but have yet to receive any response. Is the Jet number something we should have as of now? (Also, I need the policy number.)

    2. Residency Certification:

    I need to have this before I leave to be exempt from some taxes, yes? But it asks for my address "during the year a residency certification is requested". Obviously, that can't be my Japanese address, as I won't know my specific address before I leave. So, are they wanting my CURRENT address? I guess I'm just confused as to what they're looking for. Do the Japanese essentially just want hard proof that I've been living in the U.S. in order to give me the exemption?

    And that should be it for now. I'm sure I'll have more questions as time goes on (goes with the territory of being "a fish out of water", eh?).

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    Default Re: Shortlisted, but have some paperwork questions

    For number 1. You might not have received your JET number yet. When I came on JET, I didn't get my number until I received my placement IIRC. Most likely it'll be in the form 2017XXXXXXX. 11 digits. The attached instructions tell you to leave the policy number blank - only fill in the shaded boxes as the instructions say.

    Form 8802 Box 3 is your American residence's address. 3a is in case you need it sent anywhere except your home (ie PO box.)

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    Default Re: Shortlisted, but have some paperwork questions

    The first one, read the instructions given to you by your consulate. If you are completely confused, shoot them an email or give them a call.

    The second, they want your current address. The finished paperwork will come to you house. Request multiple copies. Your consulate should have also given you directions for this as well. Again, if you're not sure, call or send them an email.

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    Default Re: Shortlisted, but have some paperwork questions

    Ah, I see! That certainly answers my questions. Thank you all very much!

    I'm surprised that I missed the fact that I was supposed to leave the policy number blank. I'm usually better about that... Guess I'll have to pay closer attention from now on, eh?

    Regardless, it seems as if I've completed almost everything that I can at this point, so I suppose all that's left is to wait for my assignment (I've a mountain of other tasks to accomplish before leaving the states, so I'm sure that I'll be kept busy anyway.)

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