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Thread: [to-do] - Updating Profiles

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    Default (to-do) - Updating Profiles

    I noticed that there are 2 separate locations for updating ones profile, updates made in the link next to the "usergroups button" and on the upper left Your Account.

    Some updates I made in the Profile area did not update. I tried adding a signature but it did not update, I went to Your Account and added my signature and it updated.

    Question; Is it necessary to have 2 separate locations to update a profile, and if there is a reason, shouldn't each location automatically update one's account?

    I skimmed the FAQ's and Site related areas but did not notice this mentioned before, if I missed this one, please give me a link on where to read it.

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    Spaseba! Actually it was not that big of a deal, once I fingered it out. Thanks again.

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