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    Long story short- I have to leave jet and going back home in a few days.
    I told my CO and they lost it, going so far as to claim they could stop me at immigration.

    My question is, was it an empty threat to get me to stay here or can the Jet program and my CO actually stop me from leaving Japan? I'm American if that helps at all.
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    If you have unpaid bills they can stop you at the airport from leaving. If you only arrived this summer it's likely that your CO could bill you for the flight over, tokyo orientation etc etc. if you have settled every bill, paid any taxes and don't owe any money to anyone then you can't be held against your will just because some poxy BOE will be without an ALT for a while.
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    Your CO cannot stop you at immigration without extensive proof. Flee the country and you will be in a long line of ALTs who have fucked off. It's a totally non issues, good travels to you
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