Hey y'all. It's been a minute since I last posted in here but hopefully y'all can give me some advice.

After three years of living in my little sweaty part of Kyushu, I've decided that I will leave the JET program next summer. My next step in life is to enter graduate school. But my main concern is whether or not I should apply for Fall 2018 or wait until Spring 2019. I'm worried that if I apply for Fall 2018 and get in, that will give me a little less than a month from leaving JET to student orientation. The grad school I will hopefully attend is across the country and doesn't have campus housing so I would need to find an apartment beforehand. I wonder if I will have my shit together to get everything done in time. Do I want to rush this transition? Or should I just chill in the fall and give myself more time? The major downside to this would be that I would have to go back to living in my parent's house and probably work part-time in the family business (which I did before JET and really did not enjoy). Thanks in advance.