So firstly I know this is going to be silly, but we all know how pedantic they can be about the format and instructions of the forms. I'm not sure if all the countries have the exact same forms; I'm applying from South Africa if that makes a difference.

One thing is the blue pen. Everything must be in blue ink. That one cannot be more clear.

Things that I am still unclear of: the writing, the chart sheet codes, and the dates.

They say to use block letters. As far as I understand this means everything you write you write in plain capital letter. Yes, no?

For the question concerning the interview location it says to use the chart to get the code of your location, but if your location is not listed you have to write it out in full. My location is listed. Does this mean I only write in the code and nothing more, or do I write in the code and the name of my location in full?

Then the form says the years must be written using the Anno Domini (AD) system. Does this mean each year should end in AD? For example when I write the date for when I started my PGCE would it be February 20, 2017 AD?

Again, I know these are silly questions, but I want to be absolutely sure I get this right.
Thanks in advance