I am desperately searching for a way to get to Japan after I graduate in a month. I don't have a TEFL certificate or JLPT certification, but I have taken Japanese classes up to the N2 level. I also have a driver's license and am willing to drive in Japan. I have been on exchange in Japan for a few months before, as well as in the UK. I mentioned that in both my applications. I applied to both Interac and AEON, and both times I got rejected after the final interview stage.
For AEON, I got to the private interview, and my recruiter even said she liked my personality. I made sure to smile the whole time and be very positive. My only request was somewhere in southern Japan, but I said I would be open to getting placed anywhere. Only 8 people got interviewed, and I was still rejected. I thought my mock lesson went really well.
For Interac, I got to the Skype Interview, and my recruiter seemed very happy with me. She said I was very energetic in my demo lesson. I was very positive and energetic throughout the interview. She mentioned that spots for the fall were filling up, and asked if I would be willing to leave in March instead, which I agreed to. I requested Fukuoka, but said I was open to working anywhere. I got rejected from Interac, too.
For both, I mentioned my earliest start date was June (for diploma reasons), but Interac was hiring August-December and AEON was hiring May-August anyways, so I don't know why that would affect it.
Neither company is willing to release information, and I genuinely can't figure out why I got rejected. Both of them state that I can be in my last semester of school to apply, so I can't see that as being a huge issue.
I applied to JET, but I screwed up the mock lesson part really badly. (I stood there pointing at stick figures and the recruiters looked really confused) So I don't think my chances of that are very good, either.
I have an interview with Yaruki Switch Group coming up next week, and I'm really hoping to figure out what I am doing wrong by then.
In addition, I tried applying to ECC last night and got to the point where they see they will email you the confirmation of submission, but the email never arrived. My email seems to be working. Should I try applying again, or is this a problem with the site? I have never submitted an application to them before.
Input appreciated.