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Thread: Tourist Visa?

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    Default Tourist Visa?

    Does anyone here know how tourist visas in Japan work? Is it possible to convert a tourist visa to a working visa once you find work in Japan? I read on the internet that American citizens do not require a tourist visa to enter Japan (just a passport), is it the same for Canadians? Does anyone know anyone who entered Japan on a tourist visa and had it converted to a working visa once they found employment.

    Again, thanks for all your help.

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    one of my friends did that last year.

    if it's the same as the UK, you just go with your passport, and you can stay for 3 months...then can renew it for a further 3 months.

    He found a sweet translating job then changed his visa. (he did have some problems and had to leave the country...then come back on the new visa...but it was still do-able)

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