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Thread: Interac

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    Quote Originally Posted by AliDimayev View Post
    Wow do read a dates

    It's a bot ali.
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    oh shit i didn't even realize. Must be my autism.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyakuman View Post
    As usual, you all (Aliを除く) have your heads up your asses.

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    I was told by one of the local Interac JETs that the usual policy of there being a "completion bonus" was being phased out. So don't expect that one.

    You should read up on what private companies do that are "skirting the border of illegal." Many things which are actually illegal.

    General Union ゼネラルユニオン

    Just save up some money, because you won't be paid until the end of the second month you work for them. Meaning if you start work on September 1st, you won't be getting any sort of pay until October 31st.

    (Though oddly labor law says that you have to be paid within five working days of your last day of work, they still don't pay you your last paycheck until a month after you finish working for them.)

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