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Thread: I got a packet from my contracting organisation

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    So's mine. But my placement's super fabulous. Bit inaka but otherwise super-fabulous. Seaside, rent-free, furnished apartment, paid 2 weeks into getting there, etc.

    My town was only very recently gappeid and I am only the second full time alt. I only have one school. I think that because of the relative newness of having an alt, especially after their last ALT, who was very good, only stayed one year and I am replacing him while he goes off to be a CIR, and the very newness of the city itself has meant that the town still thinks of the JET programme as a good thing and hasn't lost the general niceness towards their ALT. Yet. I pity my suc.
    Ooooh, that sounds great. I'm really hoping mine is similar to that. Not too many schools (not cos I'm a lazy git, but because I don't drive you understand...)

    Unfortunately my info packet didn't contain any specific info about my placement so I don't know anything about my apartment or placement etc - cue impatient pouting. Just have to wait for my pred to get in touch.

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    Hey guys, I just got what I am assuming is an info packet from my CO in my e-mail inbox.

    I think I got my contract which is 11 pages long. 8O Was everyone else's that long?

    I have 18 classes a week (on average). Is that lots? How many classes are there per day?

    However, there was no actual indication of what age group I would be teaching. It said "You may be teaching elementary school, junior highschool or highschool." Um... ok...

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    Quote Originally Posted by raze
    The population is decreasing? really?? I thought it was more of a case that the population was ageing... despite the fact that birthrates are down the number of old folks lingering on thanks to advances in medical technology etc. is causing problems with pension funds etc. Despite the fact that the birthrate has decreased the number of younger workers/young couples who want their own place rather than live with their parents and grandfolks is increasing and so demand for housing is actually rising...

    i could be completely wrong but i think i've heard this argument repeated a number of times over the years.
    Yes, of course the population is decreasing. The population is aging, and old people tend to die. (I believe :wink: ) Not as many kids, so people aren't being replaced. I think by 2050, population will be half of what it is now if Japan stays on the current trend.

    Demand for housing? If more people are moving out, ok. But it's not like everybody is living with their parents right now anyway, which was more the case years ago. Now, if freeters, parasite singles, neetos, etc, (for the most part) would move out of their parent's houses, then that would be a bigger cause for a higher amount of houses being built. Which probably isn't going to happen. Demand for housing is going down.

    Then you have production of everything related to children. Production of baby anything is going down, due to low demand. Schools are closing due to not enough children. There are schools that used to have a couple hundred students, that now have as little as 1 student. Sure, this is extreme, but this is the trend for schools all around Japan. Schools will close. Japan has a serious problem on their hands, as do many nations throughout the world.

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