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Thread: Last day at work

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    Default Last day at work

    So, I just had my last day at my Australian school, after 9 and half years. It was more emotional than I thought it would be - cards and tears from students, cards and tears from colleagues. I drove home wondering if I'm doing the right thing. It really hit me (finally!) that my life is about to really change and I'll have new challenges for the first time in a long time. Anyone else feel like this? But I figure I'm going on leave, my school here isn't going to disappear and I can always go back. Nevertheless, I sure will miss my Year 12 Philosophy class...
    ... now, where did I put those several bottles of wine I was given?

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    I don't know... we're in similar situations, and I also find myself saying the same things, "My school isn't going away..." or "I'll be back, same job, same school..." or whatever.

    But the truth is, it won't be the same. I think on some level we know that, and (for me) this is why the feeling that I'm saying good-bye is genuine, because I know that no matter how long I stay in Japan, I'll be a different person when I come back. What's that saying? "You can never go home again."

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