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Thread: Grammar [parts of speech] question

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sai1
    Quote Originally Posted by az
    Hey, you got yourself a sentence with a relative clause there.

    "That" is the subject.

    "is the boy" is the predicate.

    "[who(m)] we met yesterday" is a relative clause modifying the predicate.

    Yeah I had a feeling "That" is the subject rather than "we" because the main part of the sentence is "That is the boy". "we met yesterday" is just a clause added on and isn't really required in the sentence. What about "we"? Is there something that you can classify "we" as instead of lumping it together with "met yesterday" as a relative clause? "Boy" is the subjective compliment right?
    Yes "boy" is the subjective complement, more accurately the predicate nomative (noun).

    Dombay was right in the answers he gave you as they are the parts of speech which you first asked for, these are more grammatical terms for them.

    "we" is quite simply the subject of the relative (subordinate adjective) clause or for part of speech: a personal pronoun.

    In answer to your other questions, there is no indirect object or direct object and hence no object(ive) complement.

    Hope this helps

    Az the friendly linguist. :smt006

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    I see. One more question. If not parts of speech, what then is used to refer to things like subject, object, compliment, phrase, clause, etc?

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    They are called Grammatical Functions

    There are eight main Parts Of Speech: Noun, Verb, Adjective, Adverb, Pronoun, Preposition, Conjunction and Interjection

    The difference is... for example, a Noun can function as Subject or function as a Object or funtion as a Complement, etc.

    Phrases and clauses are each on a different level of analysis again.

    Hope that clears things up

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