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    Default Guy Fawkes

    Did anyone do a lesson on Guy Fawkes day? I was planning to do some minor fire tricks for the class, but it's a bit windy, and I don't think the PTA would be very happy if I accidently set a student on fire.

    Anyone got ideas of their own? Maybe I should let them watch V for Vendetta.

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    I am not so sure that my students would have been interested in Guy Fawkes minus the fireworks. Do people still celebrate Guy Fawkes day? I remember we did when I was very young before they banned fireworks and got rid of Guy Fawkes day
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    We still celebrate it in the UK. I forgot about it this year, but I did a lesson with the English Club about it last year. I drew little pictures that illustrated each part of the story (i.e. the conspirators meeting, barrels of gunpowder under Parliament, Guy being hanged, etc) and they had to arrange them into what they thought was the correct order and then write what they thought the story was. After that, I went through the actual story with them.
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    We also celebrate Guy Fawkes in NZ. Fireworks are illegal except for on Guy Fawkes.

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