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Thread: elective class ---Help please

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    Default elective class ---Help please

    so ...i have this elective class (3rd years in JHS) and over a 6 week period we are doing a project to plan a xmas party (pretend party as having a party is a bit too much fun for my school).

    i have thought of a few things to do but at the moment i am lacking in fun and interesting ideas. please can anyone help???????


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    6 weeks! That it a very long time. I think I will hate Xmas so much more by the end of that. So try keep it fun! Maybe one lesson on Xmas around the world. Make many different kinds of food and decorations
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    This may not be what you want since it isn't exactly "party material," but something that I am doing in some of my Junior High classes is passing out lyrics to the song "Christmas Shoes" by NewSong.

    I downloaded a music video for the song off of YouTube here:
    (If you want to know how to download it as an AVI, just let me know and I can tell you how to do it.)

    You can either save it to a computer and project it (But if you do this, make sure that you have external speakers, or no one can hear!). You can also burn it to DVD and play it on a TV.

    The video is almost six minutes. The first minute or two is just a kid walking around Sears. It's kind of nice because you can tell students that this is what a mall looks like [in the United States] and that Sears is the type of department store that we have.

    I picked this song because it had enough new words to generate an activity and it also had a lot of words that the students do know. I also liked that it told a story and wasn't just a simple song like most Christmas songs. The icing on the cake, of course, was finding the music video because it shows the story and the kids can comprehend it even further.

    Even if you're at a party, you can show the video and pass out lyric sheets. If you want, you can even have the kids sing along afterwards!!

    This also makes a really good Junior High/High School Lesson Plan.

    Good luck!
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