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Thread: riddles

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    Quote Originally Posted by dombay
    Quote Originally Posted by kiwimusume
    Quote Originally Posted by dombay
    You're only allowed to give the students A B or C. D and E/F/U or whatever is where you are from crushes their self esteem apparently.

    So I have had to give Cs to blank pieces of paper.

    Surely these kids have no self esteem to crush?!
    I dunno, some of my intermediate school report cards were A = good, B = OK, C = shit. Do they know C means shit in your school's system, though, or are the shit kids all walking round thinking you graded their work as OK?
    That's what I would have thought but according to my JTEs not so.

    But yea it would seem like if you got the lowest grade possible you suck regardless of what it is ...
    God damn, I thought it was the West that was big on pandering to self-esteems. Ask your JTE if Japan invented self-esteem. :P

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    Of course they did.

    They really pussyfoot around these kids because they're scared of the PTA.

    Most of these kids need a good whack across the head and a few weeks working in a field or at lawsons to indicate to them that they'll be doing that everyday for the rest of their lives.

    I'm pretty sure Lawsons'd sack many of my students though.

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