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Thread: "I got my package and have questions" thread

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    yeah, don't forget that if you're up to it you can get a place on your own. one thing about japan, is if you're in any reasonably sized city, it has awesome apartment-finder companies that are gaijin friendly for the most part (especially since our CO is the guarantor). check out for example you will have to have some decent command of japanese though, or take a friend who can speak on your behalf.

    there's no way in hell that i'm paying more than one month's share of key money to my landlord... he/she can blow it up their ass! although, if you're in buttfuck inaka, you're prolli screwed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dombay
    3dk is huge.

    I live in a 2dk and it's far too big for me. I have to clean more this way.

    But i don't pay rent.

    But then i live in the middle of bumfuck nowhere.

    There'll be good and bad about whatever they house you in.

    But yea, 3dk sounds pretty swanky. If i had an extra room i'd use it as a study or maybe a library? Or maybe both? TV room? Yoga room? Think of the options!!
    Yeah, I didn't realize how much room I'm gonna have. Sweet

    Maybe I can stow away some illegal immigrants in the spare room and make up some of the key money. That's legal and stuff, right?

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    Sign up for tatami timeshare

    Another quality service from National AJET
    Melanie: back!

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    Hi Mate,

    Im not your pred but i think i know whats up with that placement. Skype me and i will sort you out.

    Sorry i dont have internet at home so you will have to arrange a time (Japanese timezone) via email.

    (delete the 8's)

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