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Thread: Japanese Song Lyrics Website?

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    Default Japanese Song Lyrics Website?

    Is there a big lyrics website for Japanese songs? Something like this?

    I'm vowing to at least attempt to do SOME Japanese songs in my future karaoke forays. My google search wasn't too satisfying, so I'm asking anybody who has a certain site they use and what not.

    Thank yeh

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    In my experience, there isn't one huge lyrics site that has a bunch of songs.. you'll find a song here and a song there.

    Your best bet is to use the Japanese Google site and type in a few keywords from the song you're looking up. (in kana, not romaji)

    Do you have a specific song(s) you're looking for?

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    You're talking about obscure songs, right? Because anything from medium popularity upwards can be found on Uta-Net and Utamap.

    If you prefer romaji, you can find reliable romaji for a lot of songs on the following sites: (has the biggest collection of (reliable) romaji that I've seen, though she's slowed down lately.) (my site, though I won't be doing much on it for the rest of this year because I'm busy with the JLPT.) (several thousand songs, and you can request stuff that's not on there with a minimal wait time. She generally fills any romaji requests in the next of her weekly updates.)
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    Yeah, it's really good stuff. For some reason, they bound it as a book, instead of on a roll. There's 190 pages, which is probably good for at least a few dozen shits.

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    No specific song really, I just wanna make every effort to not get stuck in the English bubble when I'm over there and start giving Japanese music a chance and maybe doing some Japanese karaoke songs.

    Anyways a Japanese friend of mine gave me this. Exactly what I was looking for.

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