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Thread: whatd'yacall'em?

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    Default whatd'yacall'em?

    So, at your school, what are the following called? (Yes, I did leave my dictionary at work - so please help me out here):
    1. Cafeteria staff
    2. Maintenance staff
    3. School nurse
    4. Gardening staff
    This is for the newbs in August, so sensible answers onegai.
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    Interesting! My school has no maintenance staff nor garden staff. The gardening staff appear to be one office lady and kocho-sensei. And the school nurse is not here most days.
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    Just looked at my school's website, and this is what they call them:

    Cafeteria staff: chouri-in (though I just call them kyuushoku no hitotachi, lunch people.)

    School nurse: yougo kyouron, though I hear "hoken no sensei" far more often at school. Most people (teachers and students) seem to just use her name.

    Maintenance staff/Gardening staff: We have one guy who does both. His official title is youmu-in, but again most people seem to just use his name.

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