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Thread: more jlpt "help"

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    Quote Originally Posted by dombay
    Quote Originally Posted by samesong
    60% on 2kyuu

    I woulda passed, but the Mimetic section and the grammar killed me. I've never studied for this test before, but now I can see why. It uses obscure and archaic words and structures that you NEVER see anywhere else.

    No, I'm not bitter.
    60 pc is a 2Q pass I believe?

    Also this is before kanji, listening and other questions which may be where your stronger skills lie - not a bad result at all ...
    Really? After it tallied my score it told me that you need 70% to pass 2kyuu.

    Quote Originally Posted by kiwimusume

    Oh God, that GRAMMAR!! Being the lazy bitch I was in uni, I didn't study for 2kyuu, just kept showing up til I managed to pass, so I didn't pay much attention to what was in it. But I've been using an 1-and-2kyuu book to study for 1kyuu grammar, and the vast majority of the obscure grammar structures in there appear in BOTH EXAMS. So I'd say the grammar test you just did isn't that far down from the 1kyuu one, which I think is SERIOUSLY screwy.
    Yeah, I think I'm gonna head down to the bookstore today and pick up some books to study the grammar. It's not even "grammar" that you need to know, it's really obscure conjunctions and phrases that never see the light of day anywhere else.

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    a bit earlier i made myself a little chart on excel with 300 blocks on it.

    each of these represent one hour.

    all of them must be crossed out by the time the JLPT rolls round.

    one of them has just been crossed off.

    fucking genki

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    Quote Originally Posted by samesong
    It's not even "grammar" that you need to know, it's really obscure conjunctions and phrases that never see the light of day anywhere else.
    Hee, I remember the time I rocked up to eikaiwa and told them I'd been studying for the JLPT. They asked what I'd been studying, and when I told them they were like "We...don't use those..." I've seen some of them pop up in books or in the paper, though...

    I still can't get over how fucking evil 2kyuu grammar is, though. I wouldn't mind so much if it was at least proportionate to the other levels, but it doesn't seem to be much easier than 1kyuu.
    Quote Originally Posted by goloons View Post
    My favorite student just tried to BITE MY NIPPLE.
    Quote Originally Posted by Coollead View Post
    Yeah, it's really good stuff. For some reason, they bound it as a book, instead of on a roll. There's 190 pages, which is probably good for at least a few dozen shits.

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