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Thread: Whats up with NOVA

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    Well, you, unfortunately, are getting a front row show of a weird Australian bloke, so...
    For relaxing times when ITIL explodes, make it Japanistan time. (Actually, don't, it's broken forever)

    Quote Originally Posted by lego
    My hobby is play sex play masturbation hand shikoshikoshiko.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgeCarter
    Are you surprised when maccy d's doesn't pay your rent for you?Its a mickey mouse company so just be happy that they give you anything
    But you see, NOVA takes their rent payments out of their paychecks and then is SUPPOSED to give the payment to the landlord. So, basically, these employees were paying their rent, but NOVA was keeping the rent money for themselves.

    At least read the post before you try to be a smart ass.

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