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    So, I've been asked to give a 15 minute speech on how to teach phonics in a fun an interesting way. Thing is, I've never taught or studied phonics, fun or easy. How do you go about teaching phonics? I know the sterlie, clinical "teach the sound of the letters than have them sound out words approach", but I need something more captivating. My JTEs freely admit that they suck at phonics and that their current way of doing it just isn't cutting it. Any ideas on games or interesting lessons that manage to get the fundementals of phonics accross?

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    I think a more intelligent lecture would be on how the singular focus on 'fun' in the Japanese classroom affects Ss abilities and attitudes in and toward English. Ive never sat through a whole Social Studies or Maths class but i bet they aren't 'fun'.

    Failing that -

    I know from both uni and my experience teaching phonics that the old approach that's still widely used in Japan today it seems of 'repeat after me and everything will be ok' just doesn't work. Ss need to be shown the positions of oratory organs (tongue, teeth, etc) and taught the basic differences in sounds (voiced versus unvoiced is enough, no need to give them a linguistics lecture).

    That combined with plenty of practice using real English is the most EFFECTIVE way to learn phonics that I know of, dunno about it being fun. But like I say above fuck being fun - try instead to be communicative, get the students using natural english that they can actually use in their own lives. Its more important that your classes involve students and get them using English.

    What usually works for my kids is a good 'let's scream with the ALT session' - I pick the sounds that we scream after explaining how to produce them. The kids like this ... but then the proportion of ADD in this place is about 9/10 which may be why.
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    It's funny that you should ask about "Fun Phonics". Check out this page:

    I'm still writing out the details for each of my worksheets but I'm trying to finish as fast as possible.

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