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Thread: GEOS!

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    Only 5-6 classes a day? Man, I wish I had that schedule.

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    I've just wrapped up a successful interview with AEON in the States and will visit GEOS and NOVA next week.

    The main problem with the corporates is, for me, the emphasis they put on Doing It Like We Showed You, not Like It Works.

    Yes, you're teaching, and not wasting the time abroad you worked so hard (snicker) to get. But you're teaching under the watchful, watchful eyes of headquarters. You're filling a perfectly uniform intro-level-shaped hole that the last guy left, who filled the hole before him.

    I dread the notion of stumbling through eight or more 40-minute lessons per day with someone supervising and check-boxing and pulling me aside afterward to tell me I'm just not hitting the material, just not being accessible, just not putting the students at ease. Hard to do when even veteran teachers get the chokes under tally supervision.

    Probably AEON training will be exactly this. Pleaugh.

    Question: JET does not accept anyone who's lived or worked in Japan within (x) years of the application, correct? Does this mean that eikaiwa teachers like us are doomed to make the private circuit, corporate or small business, until we just can't take it anymore?

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