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Thread: Thanksgiving activities?

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    Default Thanksgiving activities?

    So, with Thursday being Thanksgiving, I`m expected to somehow do a short (5-10 min) activity with my classes about it, and plan an entire activity with my ESS club. I have some general ideas but they suck and I have no creativity, my activity last year was pretty whack.

    So, what kind of fun things do you guys like to do? I`m in an SHS.

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    Make corn cobs from yellow card and have each student write something they are thankful for on a corn cob. Then cut 2 pieces of green card to fit over the cob (with the split in the centre, so it looks like an unshucked ear) and glue them in place (ETA: just the outside edges, so the centre opens like a window)
    Then "plant" the "corn" on green card "stalks" along a wall with tape. Students can then wander along and read what others have written.
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    We made a giant turkey out of hand tracings and each student decorated theirs and wrote what they were thankful for on it. The I put up the turkey in our LL classroom.

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    Don't know what ages you're teaching but I've made paper wishbones for the students to rip in half. I gave the student with the most wishbones a sticker. Then we drew turkey's with our hands. These kids are 6 so they liked it a lot. I also showed pictures of big tables full of food and explained a little about it.

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