So my JTE is sick, and asked me to go to class by myself. The students are presenting a speech they've had to memorize, and I'm to judge their pronounciation, body language, memorization, etc.

Before I head to class though, he tells me what scores to give each student. He says that the class average is currently too high for our school, and we need to bring it down to around 55-65 per cent.

I asked why it needs to be low, and he said because the school sets the bar. I asked him "So no matter what the students do, they only get between 55-65 per cent?" and he says yes.

Seems unfair, but whatever. I knew beforehand that the school system was a little f*cked around here. Still, can anyone explain this to me? I have one kid in class who speaks English nearly as good as I do, and I'm supposed to fail him to bring down his average? Do the kids understand this is happening and are OK with it?