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    Hey I was wondering who else here is the primary teacher for a JHS English Elective class? What do you do in class?

    I teach an 1nensei elective class, my JTE just assists me. So far, I've only had 3 classes - one on Halloween, one just with simple interviews/celebrity heads (do you/i like soccer? etc), and one on Thanksgiving. I also just have students write in notebooks for homework based on the topic from the class and they can ask me questions and all that. I don't check grammer/spelling, it's just for communication.

    I have a class on Monday and I'm not sure what to do. I'm thinking I may do something on gestures. I really feel like I ought to sit down and come up with some sort of curriculum for the entire duration of the class or something. I'm just curious what other people do.

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    I teach the same kind of class, but I'm in a low-level academic high school. Me and my JTE work out a basic curriculum at the beginning of the semester and we follow that. For ex: First 2 classes will cover directions, travel english, etc. The next few classes will be about Restaurants and so on. I prepare the materials and make the lesson plan.
    I'm actually doing a lesson on gestures today. I'm using charades to teach it. When the student acts out a word give a point for the word in English, the equivalent gesture (If it wasn't used by the acting student) and if there is a different gesture in Japan they get a point for it too.
    For ex: Come here:
    1 point - Guessing the word (come)
    1 point - The western gesture
    1 point - The Japanese version
    After that, I prepared a simple worksheet with pictures of people doing various gestures with and a word bank with all their meanings. I made mine, but I'm pretty sure you can find one on the net.

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    yeah... I get asked to come up with a lesson about once a month, and I'm told I've got to do it when I get to school... I've only had about 3 of these classes and I really don't know quite what my JTE wants out of me. What is elective English supposed to be?

    ... btw, gotta have one in 3 hours, so any advice would be awesome

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    I have elective classes in SHS, but even still some good topics they covered that I thought were interesting was:

    - how to express opinion (eg. Japanese breakfast is better than Western breakfast because..., I like Summer more than winter because...)
    - drama, acting out a short Japanese fairytale in English, need lots of help writing the script)
    - how to describe pictures, like a scene with lots of people, and saying what actions they are doing

    The gestures thing sounds pretty interesting too...
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