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Thread: Frustrated with a class

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    Quote Originally Posted by andreyla
    There is no win-win situation. Only a win-lose. They students win, the teachers lose.

    Your best bet is to hope for genkiness. Otherwise, you're screwed.
    I agree with you to a point.

    The kids only win so long. Then they lose and crash hard when they're stupid upon graduation. I was going to say that it's just a shame that we are only around for the parts where we fail and they and their stupid attitudes don't because they only fail in the end when we're not around.

    Then I remembered that I've seen this kind of attitude catching up with the kids heaps of times before. When the high school results come in and there's about 50 kids outside the staffroom door crying because they realised that all that time sleeping was not a good idea. With the kids I've got who just don't bother turning up to class anymore because they cannot follow it because they thought they were just too cool last year - those kids might put on a outwardly defiant performance but inside we can tell what's going on.

    Those kids lost and the teachers were right all along and that's been demonstrated but it's not something that I'd really like to win.
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    we are only around for the parts where we fail and they and their stupid attitudes don't because they only fail in the end when we're not around.
    Think I'm gonna write that out and have it posted above my desk to help me get through the day.

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    Appreciate all the advice - the diff perspectives helped. It was one of those anti-recontracting moments for me.

    I didn't asked the students for a choice because, as jacqui said, they wouldn't have bothered. I did ask the JTEs as I wasn't too sure myself- they said ok, thought it was at least worth a try, which I guess it was, in the worst sense of the way... :? I got the idea based on some old lesson plans, so I figured it would be hard for them to bomb it completely...

    I do standalone classes, but yeah I was trying to do something different. Plus I figure I coud try to improve their retention rate to something past 2 microseconds.

    My lessons are never meant to be homework. I do some assignments, but they're all meant to be self-contained within each class. Somehow my students can turn a 50 min lesson into 150 min.

    wicket, I was going to incorporate the other ideas too. Before that I had the match the lyrics lesson, and it would be followed up with using the dialogue in the song.

    In the end, it wasn't too hard. They just couldn't be bothered to blow off the assignment with grace (whatever THAT means). They had to be asses about it. These are SHS ninenseis, btw.

    They're on their school trip now, so I have the week to decide what to do with them. I was and still am considering the textbook and gaman way as dombay said.

    Long post, sorry.

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    I only got the acting out thing (singing, dancing) to work once, and that was taking my 3 english club girls to karaoke.

    If you're still keen on the idea, maybe do it as a school project. My school once had an English karaoke contest. The kids chose their own songs, learnt the lyrics in English, and could dress up and create a dance, and then competed for the best karaoke artist in front of the school during lunchtime one day.
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