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Thread: xmas lesson for kindergarten

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    Default xmas lesson for kindergarten

    any ideas?

    umm..making cards works well for JHS, but...i dont know what english to try and actually teach to kindergarten, i pretty much have to teach them " my name is so and so" every single time!

    so now what?

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    Put on a Santa suit and run around like a dick handing out sweets.

    They're in kindy mate, they don't need Christmas lessons, just fun.

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    I thought this is what your other thread was about... read my answer from there.
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    My lesson goes:

    1: Show them some pretty pics of Christmas in my home country and let them ask questions and/or tell me what they do in the holidays. Had some really chatty kids today, so this part took about 20 minutes and the kids enjoyed it.

    2: Teach them part of a simple Christmas carol and have them sing it.

    3: Hand out bits of A4ish-sized paper with a blank Christmas stocking drawn on it and have them decorate them however, then have them cut them out and put them up somewhere. I like to play Christmas carols while they're working on them.

    4: If there's time left over, I teach them another song or one time when there was quite a bit of time left over I handed out blank bits of paper, had them decorate them however they wanted and then showed them how to make crackers. I guess you could put stickers or candy in them, but I didn't have any on me when I did it and the kids got excited enough just pulling them with their friends.

    This works for me for a 45min-1 hour lesson.
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    "we wish you a merry christmas" or "jingle bells"

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