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Thread: Two person special ed class.

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    Default Two person special ed class.

    I have to teach this class about two or three times a week, and the JTE is ridiculous in wanting to do the same lesson over and over. They're middle school 2nenseis, and they have a good grasp of numbers and romaji. The lessons currently consist of "Read from the textbook (This is a dog. This is a cat. That is a banana That is an apple.), play flash cards individually, write romaji. I don't really do much during this class, and it seems like the students are getting bored anyways.

    Therefore, I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for things we could do in this class. I've tried a couple of games myself (things like take turns making Japanese words out of romaji), but they never seem to respond well. If they're actually retarded, they're at least high-functioning.

    Any ideas?

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    play uno in english, gets colors and numbers and a few short phrases, and if your jte likes to rinse and repeat this is just the game....

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