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Thread: A Good Game for SHS Students

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    Default A Good Game for SHS Students

    I don't normally like the lesson plans that are online, but this game worked really well with my 3nenseis (mid-academic SHS). I changed some of the questions, put them into groups of 6 or 7 and got them to score each other based on the quality of their answers. The kids were speaking English for the whole lesson, I was impressed!

    Has anyone else found any other games which actually get the kids to speak?
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    Yea I like to play:

    'What loser job will you have if you don't sit down and fucking study instead of playing games all the time'.

    You get them to act out working at Lawsons or being a JHS ALT and the other kids have to guess what they are.

    I think it's also known as Charades.
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