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Thread: A few more helpful sites:

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    Default A few more helpful sites:

    took a look at the database at It looks
    like it could maybe be a good complement to,
    since Englipedia has a top-down editing approach, while NATTO is
    bilingual, submissions are completely automated and smoother, has
    support for user-submitted reviews of lessons, a more full-featured
    seach facility, is run by JETs, etc.


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    Hey Markteacher80,

    Englipedia is meant to be a stand-alone website, not a compliment site. However, I've always said it doesn't matter what site is used, as long as the teaching resources gets into the hands of the people who need them, it really doesn't matter what site they surf.

    BTW, an update at what's happening at Englipedia, a HS section is in the works, and another JHS English textbook is currently being added: One World. I'm sure ALTs in Hokkaido will enjoy this addition.

    Also, I understand Japanese elementary school teachers can't be expect to read English, so Englipedia's ES section is bilingual but I find it hard to find pity on Japanese JHS English teachers, hence no Japanese translations in the JHS section. I am quite aware there are a ton of JHS English teachers who don't have the English ability skills to use the site, but I'm not going to pander to these teachers. Once they see how valuable Englipedia is, I believe it will create the drive for some teachers to 'level-up' their English skills.

    Lastly, about the 'automated submissions', it's true that Englipedia manually loads each game onto the site. This is because submissions need to be edited and things changed before an activity is ready for the site. Yeah, this creates a lot more work, but the site has 3 editors so this extra step to provide a great resource to the community is well worth it.

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