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Thread: 2 and 3nensei mixed class.

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    Default 2 and 3nensei mixed class.

    Hey all.

    In July, we're having a demo class at my visiting school. My JTE there wants to do it for a combined class of 2nensei and 3nensei since the classes there are so small (10 students in each grade). We were thinking of doing some sort of debate or something.

    I feel like there's a big gap in the ability level of 2nensei JHS students and 3nensei JHS school students. But all my kids there are pretty good, they don't mind speaking and are pretty high level thanks to the small class size.

    I was just wondering if anyone had any advice or ideas as to what to do or if anyone had done any sort of combined class before.


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    Default an idea

    Working with students of different levels is always a bit tough.

    You could do riddles with your students. In the beginning, go over some riddles with the students in English. Then have your students try to write their own, this usually requires some help in forming. Giving them a format like

    What is _________ and __________?

    usually is enough. Then, you can have the students read their riddles to the class. The good thing is that no matter the level of English the students can get interested in solving them. Besides your input in the beginning and help along the way there wouldn't be much "teaching" for a demo class, but it would show your student's abilities in writing, listening and speaking.

    Hope that helps!
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    I teach a few mixed classes. My SHS is a pretty low-level academic school, so the abilities of the students ranged from none-at-all to Fairly decent for a ichinensei.

    My experience has been that the two grades always clearly separate themselves from eachother. They don't like to work together. Last year, my 3nensei were at such a higher level that the 2nensei barely participated at all. After the 3nensei left school (the big break gefore graduation), the 2nensei opened up and it was like a whole new class.

    Like I said, my high school is low-level with a lot of kids with learning disabilities or other social problems, so it will be different. So far, the mixed classes have turned out to be the worst ones.

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