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    It's Jeopardy time again at school, so thought I'd share some of mine:

    Celebrity Countries
    10: Barrack Obama (USA)
    20: Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
    30: Kotooshu Katsunori (Bulgaria)
    40: Orlando Bloom (UK)
    50: Arnold Schwarzenneger (Austria)

    10: What do people put on top of the Christmas tree? (star, fairy)
    20: What is Santa’s last name?? (Claus)
    30: What bird do people usually eat at Christmas in the UK, America etc.? (turkey)
    40: Where does Santa live? (the North Pole, Greenland)
    50: What is the day after Christmas called? (Boxing Day)

    10: Which team won the Japan Baseball Series last year? (Saitama Seibu Lions)
    20: You can watch a Grand Sumo Tournament in 4 cities. Name 2 that are not Tokyo. (Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka).
    30: Where will the soccer World Cup be held in 2010? (South Africa)
    30: How many people are there on a Donkey Basketball team? (4)
    40: Which country do the Olympics come from? (Greece)
    50: How many players are there on a rugby team? (15)

    10: What kind of animal is Doraemon? (cat)
    20: Which country do pandas come from? (China)
    30: Which bird lays the biggest eggs? (ostrich)
    40: What is the fastest insect at running? (cockroach)
    50: What animal sleeps standing up? (horse, flamingo)
    60: What animal has fingerprints most like ours? (koala)

    Pot Luck
    10: What is the biggest lake in Japan (Biwa)
    20: What city is Yui Arigaki from? (Naha)
    30: What language are these letters from? (Greek)
    40: What does floor “B” stand for? (Basement)
    50: How many states are there in the USA? (50)

    10: Who are the biggest selling Japanese band of all time? (B’z)
    20: What is the most popular cell phone network in Japan? (DoCoMo)
    30: What is the biggest prefecture in Honshu? (Iwate)
    40: What island is the book “Twenty Four Eyes” about? (Shodoshima)
    50: How many people use the internet in Japan? (87.5 million/69%)

    10: What is the capital city of England? (London)
    20: How many countries are there in the UK? (4)
    30: What does the UK stand for? (United Kingdom)
    40: What is the Queen’s name? (Elizabeth II)
    50: What day do people celebrate bonfire night (November 5th)

    Say the Numbers
    10: 1000
    20: 1/2
    30: 2009
    40: 1970 (the year)
    50: 73, 964
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