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Thread: Customs didn't take my gaijin card

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    Default Customs didn't take my gaijin card

    So I left Japan last week, and when I went through customs at Narita the guy just date-stamped my passport, and let me keep my card. I spoke with another customs person who said it wasn't a problem, and that I should have no problem with the pension refund. But just out of curiosity, for those who did have their cards taken, what sort of stamp did you get in your passport? Or did anyone else get to keep their gaijin cards too?

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    I have a similar problem: I'm pretty sure they stamped me for re-entry and I was too tired from my previous flight to notice.
    I intend on returning to Japan in a few weeks. Will I have problems with changing my gaijin card? I know you need to transfer it within 1-month of moving, I'll probably still be in America a month after leaving.

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    Default Re: Customs didn't take my gaijin card

    This must be new, but both times I've left Japan after living there (study abroad and then JET) I had to surrender my card...perhaps that's a nice souvenir for you?

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