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Thread: Urgent: Ideas needed to teach Do/Does

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    Default Urgent: Ideas needed to teach Do/Does

    Hey guys,
    I have a paranoid JTE on my hands. She has an open lesson on December 5th and has to teach Do/Does to 1st year JHS in the form of an activity with a lot of people watching.
    I wont be in the lesson but she came to me today in a frazzled state saying that she needs an idea because she has no idea what to do.......
    Anyone done this before?
    Laura x

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    For speaking drills focused on specific grammar, I either copy a page from one of the "Side by Side" books ( ) or I make my own page in the same style.

    At the top of the page, there`s a quick list of pronouns and which word they go with. The students can refer back to this list throughout the lesson.

    It ------> does

    We -------> Do

    Then there`s a short example dialogue, accompanied by a large picture. Some of the words are in bold print.

    Does Bob like ice cream?
    Yes, he does.

    Below that are eight or nine more pictures, accompanied by a person`s name and an object. The students then have to change the bold parts of the dialogue to match the new picture.

    (picture of a woman covered in cats, with the words "Ann" and "cats".)
    Does Ann like cats?
    Yes, she does.

    (picture of two kids watching tv, "you and your brother" "cartoons.")
    Do you and your brother like cartoons?
    Yes, we do.

    If you don`t think your students can supply the pronouns on their own, you can put the dialogue in with blanks just for "do" and "does." (Ann like cats? Yes she ). But it`s best to have the students generate as much as they can on their own, without just mindlessly reading the words on the page.

    In class, the teachers explain the basic grammar, the students repeat the example after the teachers a couple of examples until they get the hang of it, and then the students practice in pairs, taking turns asking and answering for all nine or whatever pictures. They can write notes on their paper if they want, but they`re encouraged to do as much as possible without writing, just looking at the pictures and generating the spoken dialog themselves. After they`re done practicing, the teacher asks the question and the class as a whole choruses the answer for each one. You can also put in a blank space for the students to draw their own picture and come up with their own example sentences.

    Repeat with another page or two, with increasingly difficult dialogues.

    You could also do an information-gap grid activity. Make a grid with a bunch of subjects written across the top (Taro - Tanaka Sensei - Mr. and Mrs. Smith - Godzilla) and a bunch of other stuff down the side (surfing - Dragonball - sleeping). Make two copies of the grid, and fill in "yes" or "no" on half the squares on one grid and then the other half of the squares on the other grid. In class, the students have one of the half-filled grids and have to fill in the other half by asking their partners. (Does Godzilla like surfing? Yes he does. Do Mr. and Mrs. Smith like Dragonball? No they don`t.)

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    Default Re: Urgent: Ideas needed to teach Do/Does

    Instead of using random names of English speakers, it might be nice to use people that the kids care to talk about. I hear Arashi is all the rage with JHS kids. So does (insert name here of Arashi member) like to cook?

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    Default Re: Urgent: Ideas needed to teach Do/Does

    Another idea is you can have two 'profiles' of people, you could use real names or fake names or whatever. So an example is:

    likes cats
    doesn't like oranges
    studies English
    speaks Japanese
    doesn't cook
    doesn't go shopping

    or something, and then the other person has another profile along with maru/batsu or yes/no column for the following things

    likes cats
    likes oranges
    studies English
    speaks Japanese
    goes shopping

    or something, and they have to make the sentence to ask their partner, ie 'Does Ayumi like cats? Does Ayumi like oranges?' 'Yes, she does. No, she doesn't.'

    ETA: if you're in New Horizon's textbook you are running about 2 months behind my ichinensei over here...

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    Default Re: Urgent: Ideas needed to teach Do/Does

    Nah we use New Crown......
    Thanks for the ideas guys. I'm gonna do a Cluedo (Clue for the Americans) type game by where they ask 'Do they come from __________?' 'Do they like ________(sport/food).', which then corresponds to different people on a worksheet, while their partner has a flashcard with one of the people on it.
    Hopefully it should keep stressedout sensei happy. I don't have to take the class but I wanna help her seeing as shes one of the nicer ones!
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