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Thread: So how do you think you went?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dorovar View Post
    Took 3-kyuu. Although the listening and reading sections have not been posted by the Chinese yet, I already passed based on 文字・語彙 and 文法.
    As of right now, a 258, and that's before listening and reading!
    Already passed, woo!

    That's a 129% on Grammar and Vocab. Impressive. Really impressive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by katsudon View Post
    I can't believe you guys were distracted by the proctors/test takers. You gotta throw all that out at test time, be IN THE ZONE. The only thing that distracted me was when my proctors were absolute idiots and replayed some listening questions because they thought the CD was broken.
    I got "in the zone" when the test actually started. Too focused on that to focus on the guy beside me. Now, breaks between the test sections is a whole different story.

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